How RollCallHQ Works

Invite your Team

  • Send an invitation to people inside and outside your company to join your account.
  • You can also create groups to keep people organized (i.e. a "marketing" or "stakeholders" group).

Post events to track progress

  • Pick a descriptive name and describe the situations the template is meant for.
  • Select all the people and groups participating in the event
  • Define special milestones that only applies specific set of users and groups

Track the progress of your events.

  • People participating in each events post their statuses to update on successes, challenges and report progress for each event milestone. Everyone engages in the conversation.


  • Send an email, sms or call to any of the event participant
  • Quickly start conference calls event participants or anyone else in the company.

Keep everyone informed

  • Event organizers review statuses, progress, roll up important points
  • Stakeholders are presented the most important highlights rolled up from all event participants company.